And that’s how we cooked up a Mumbai-Andhra-Telangana style Yellow curry..?.. code..?

wait… what …?

Damn ..! 2020 was confusing wasn’t it? It just shook up the fundamentals of everything…. On the other hand .. if you were here waiting for a mouth watering, swashbuckling new curry……

Am sorry :P

It’s the latter….

This is a small humor blog comprising the journey of how me and my team “Yellow” built our first ever android project at the Masai School.

By the way I am Praneeth….. I hope it matters….

So….. here I was 6 months ago trying to comprehend the meaning of life and now here I am writing code as if it was the end of my life. Wow ! what a contrast… really… life..*sigh*..

Jokes apart ..!

As I joined Masai to learn to become a full stack android developer , by the end of the first month I was tagged along with two awesome team mates Rahul and Sarika.

We were destined by all the forces of nature to be called as team “yellow”. Well.. that’s how we were grouped by the organizer's in Masai ..

Rahul .. a 21 year old lad from Mumbai and Sarika…. (a gentleman never ask’s nor reveals a woman’s age) from Andhra and me a 24 year old from Hyderabad.

We were tagged up at random and were given a task to replicate the UI of Jaumo, a German origin dating app in a time interval of four days.

By that time, we were aware of the concepts of layouts (Linear, Relative, Frame and Constraint) and a few activities and intents to go by.

It was exciting! and a bit depressing… Dating app you know…

On the first day avoiding all distractions ,we did some r&d and following the flow … with all the decorations and planning all gifts we made a beautiful tree…!

A tree diagram of course ! We divided the work into three main parts.

Rahul took up the responsibility to replicate the main part of user interface, Sarika took up the responsibility to replicate complicated features, namely.. filters.. etc.. and I was tasked upon to create the login/signup screens to all the .. you know (simple stuff..)

It took us a day to find out the most time consuming (*trying to make it a little respectable*) team member so that work could be divided accordingly . I don’t like to boast but it was…. “ME”.

As we frantically used Git while pulling and pushing the code after adding and making commits, We realized… We could do it!

On the second and third days ,we completed most of the work on the UI screens and started connecting the activities through java code at the main activity. Mostly using activity intents.

We prioritized using Constraint layouts followed up by linear or relative layouts based upon necessity. We completed our tasks in a rather brisk pace (*excluding me*).

As the New year bells rang and as everyone started celebrating ,while I was completing the minute remnants of the task provided. I was in a dilemma… staring at the screen….. thinking “2020 the worst ?”

And as the day went by and all the lethargy washed away with some short afternoon naps, we thought of connecting for a quick meeting one final time at 6 pm and take rest after..

And finally after the “quick meeting” we went to bed at 11…

The next day on 2nd which accidentally ? incidentally? was my birthday. After four days of vigorous coding, battling cough(*not over-thinking about Covid here at all*), sleep, doubts ,procrastination..etc...etc..

We did it! We had our first ever project at hand! It was something which i’ve never even tried dreaming a year before. What a dream come true ..! really..

What a wonderful world…I must say.. Hello 2021 !

And so that’s how we cooked up a Mumbai-Andhra-Telangana based yellow Jaumo Application.

If you want to see what we cooked up ! Here is the link to visit our repository and work. !

Thank you. Hope you had a good laugh !